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Iraqi Dinar – IQD Scam

Iraqi Dinar – IQD Scam

We have some good friends who are all hyped up; riding the emotional roller coaster having “invested” their money in the IRQ – the Iraqi Dinar and the VND – the Vietnamese Dong.   To me it is sad to see this scam take over their every thought; their every emotion; their every financial plan for their future.   Just today, one of these friends said that Tuesday the 3rd of January (2012) is the “for sure” day when the Dinar will “Re Value” and make her a millionaire.  She said that the reason it has not happened yet is because of the “Illuminate”.

In my opinion, they would be better off spending all their hard earned money on lottery tickets.  These scammers somehow manage to emotionally hook their prey with holding out carrots in front – “it’s always just a day or two away” – and it has been a day or two away for four or five years now.

Here are some thoughts to consider about the Iraqi Dinar before getting all hyped up and emotional about throwing your money away:

Here are some links from the horses mouth – from Iraq central bank and other official Iraq sites which explain how the revaluation really happens – and it doesn’t make people millionares overnight:

It doesn’t take much research to convince oneself of the dinar RV scam.

These excerpts from the Dinar Recaps website disclaimer says it all:

We do not endorse, support, represent or guarantee the completeness, truthfulness, accuracy, or reliability of any content or communications posted…

Dinar Recaps is not a registered investment adviser, broker dealer, banker or currency dealer…

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Any and all information contained herein shall be construed as “Rumor.”

And yet, even after all this, my good friends are still thinking that ‘tomorrow’ they will be at the bank cashing in their Dinar and Dong for millions of US Dollars!